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Subject: Re: [office] test version of part 3

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 10-Sep-19 um 16:01:

A test version of part 3 with only the empty bibliography elements
removed is attached.

Assuming no objections by the end of today, I'll rename and forward to
the TC Admin as a replacement for the one that blows up OO.

I have tested AOO4.1.6, SoftMaker2018 and Word365. They open the files. AOO has no problems. SoftMaker2018 and Word365 cannot read MathML objects and cannot read their object replacement. Word complains about that and offers to repair the document. After repairing, the content is there, but without MathML object. SoftMaker2018 automatically uses a placeholder for the missing object. I cannot test GoogleDocs, because it is too large for upload.

I have no objections to use it. Making other kind of replacement object is not possible at this moment. Perhaps it is possible to provide PDF versions in addition, although they would be not normative? Especially for part 4, which has a lot of formulas, that would be useful to allow to see the formulas.

Kind regards

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