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Subject: Re: [office] Notes from ODF TC Teleconference 30 Sept. 2019

Hi Patrick

Review of Michaelâs XHTML version


I havenât done a thorough review, but there are some issues with math expressions, for example in 19.211 draw:sharpness, in which a vector over-arrow is not being displayed correctly.


Default data values


I started writhing the following before receiving your later posting.


In ODF 1.3 Part 3 there appear to be 275 occurrences of âThe default valueââ, most if not all of which will I think be paragraphs specifying default values. In WD13-02 these paragraphs had the style âDefault Valueâ applied to them, but this seems to have gone missing between WD13-02 and WD13-03, in which the style has changed to âText Bodyâ. Iâve looked at the XSLT script âcreate-embedded-xref-fc-rev-4.xslâ to see if this could be the culprit, but cannot see any obvious issues.


Anyway, it would appear that this is an error introduced in the editing process somewhere. It would be a relatively simple matter to reinstate the correct style for all paragraphs starting âThe default valueââ or containing âdefault value forââ.


Incidentally, some instances of âdefault value forâ are not specifying default values for attributes in all contexts, only in specific contexts, e.g. see 19.102 dr3d:projection, which only has a default value in the case of its use with <draw:enhanced-geometry>, not with <chart:plot-area> or <dr3d:scene>. Should the style âDefault Valueâ be applied in those cases?


Kind regards,



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