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Subject: Re: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.3-csd01-part4-formula-4g.xhtml uploaded

Hi Patrick, hi all,

Patrick Durusau schrieb am 14-Oct-19 um 03:34:
/Submitter's message/

A test export to xhtml using Regina's MathML string and Michael's XSL export filter. I tested it with Chrome and Mozilla on Debian but don't have easy access to other browsers. Please test and post results to the mailing list.

SeaMonkey can use the script, although it would have native MathML support. Internet Explorer loads the script and shows the formulas. Microsoft Edge does not show the formulas. Perhaps Rich or Alfred can tell, if there exists at all a way to show MathML in Edge.

The source has that kind of chapter numbering, which uses "Minimum space between numbering and text". Such distance rule cannot easily be expressed in xhtml, a blank would be better. Without changing the kind of numbering, we can add this blank in field "After" of the tab "Numbering". That gives a little more, I think acceptable, distance in the original odt-document, and provides a little space between number and heading text in the xhtml document. Or perhaps Michael knows, where to add such blank in the XSLT?

There are some problems with the formulas:

All formulas are set to display="block". That is fine in most cases. But sometimes they should be inline as in the source, otherwise the text is ugly and hard to read. We can change this manually. This regards FTEST and PROB mainly.

Some text is missing in MDETERM, IMABS, COVAR, LINEST, LOGEST, SKEW, SKEWP, STDEVPA, VARA, VARPA, SERIESSUM and SUMPRODUCT (at least). The text is in the source, so something goes wrong on export.

Kind regards

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