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Subject: Re: [office] Updating our public page

hi Patrick,

On 14.10.19 15:57, Patrick Durusau wrote:
Oh, perhaps also posting Michael's new xhtml export script with
instructions and announcing that as well?

this shouldn't be needed because it's in the LO 6.2.8 release (also 6.3.3) so you can just upgrade.

on a related note: thanks to David Tardon, there's an extension that adds a Saxon XSLT implementation to LibreOffice, which is 5x-10x faster than the bundled libxslt implementation in exporting ODF specifications to XHTML.

first you need to download the .oxt from here:


in LibreOffice go to Tools->Extension Manager..., click Add and select the .oxt.

then you need to configure the XHTML export to use it:

go to Tools->XML Filter Settings..., click "XHTML Writer file" entry, then Edit and in Transformation tab click the checkbox "The filter needs XSLT 2.0 processor".

now File->Export->XHTML should be much faster, takes 4 minutes on my laptop...



Michael Stahl
Senior Software-Entwickler LibreOffice
CIB software GmbH
GeschÃftsstelle Hamburg
Flachsland 10
22083 Hamburg
T +49 (40) / 28 48 42 -296
F +49 (40) / 28 48 42 -100
Sitz: MÃnchen
Registergericht MÃnchen, HRB 123286
GeschÃftsfÃhrer: Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Brandner

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