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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-3768 empty cell

Hi Andreas,

Andreas J Guelzow schrieb am 20-Apr-20 um 19:16:

Gnumeric's results match on all rows except row 9. The difference is also that A9 in fact contains the empty string for Gnumeric.

So I had a further look at Excel (in my case Excel 2016). If I enter an empty string in Excel 2016 in A1 (i.e. by typing just ') and enter =ISBLANK(A1) in A2, then A2 shows as FALSE. If I save the file as an ODF file and reopen, the Excel 2016 shows TRUE in A2 and has lost the content of A1.

I do not know how I can enter the empty string into a cell in Libreoffice (without using a formula).

Yes, I too cannot enter an empty paragraph via UI in LibreOffice. But spreadsheets are also generated by programs.

Imagine a program which uses a pattern <table:table-cell><text:p></text:p></table:table-cell> and puts values into the paragraph element or not, depending whether a value is available or not. Those values might have their origin in measurement or database, for example.

I have not found a rule which forbids such structure. Therefore I think, the standard should consider it for defining "empty cell".

Kind regards

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