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Subject: OFFICE-3768 empty cell proposal for section 4.7

Hi all,

what do you think about the proposal below?

I'm not sure about child elements <text:h>. LibreOffice does not create such child element in a spreadsheet. When reading a file or copy&paste a table from a text document, LibreOffice treats an <text:h> element same as an <text:p> element and saves it as <text:p> element.

Kind regards

4.7 empty cell
The technical term "empty cell" is used in this part of the specification in defining functions and expressions. The technical term "empty cell" stands for a cell, for which non of the following properties is true:
    The cell has a table:formula attribute.
    The cell has a <text:p> child element.
The cell has an office:value-type attribute and the corresponding value attribute office:value, office:date-value, office:time-value, office:boolean-value, or office:string-value, respectively.

The markup <table:table-cell><text:p/></table:table-cell> generates no "empty cell" but a cell containing an empty string.

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