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Subject: Re: [office] [OASIS Issue Tracker] (OFFICE-4074) Typo in 19.597.9 ODF 1.3, part 3

Hi Regina

Appendix G lists changes from ODF 1.2 to both elements and attributes, in separate lists. You're right that the change to element <table:source-cell-range> is listed, but the use of the attribute table:cell-range-address has also changed: the new text constrains the value to be consistent with the table:name attribute when present. My understanding was that, if the use of an attribute has changed in any way, this should be listed in Appendix G. Maybe I have misunderstood the convention. But if I'm correct, it's not a big deal, so maybe we can ignore this in any case.



On 24/05/2020 12:54, Regina Henschel wrote:
Hi Francis,

Francis Cave schrieb am 24-May-20 um 12:33:
This relates to issue OFFICE-3665. The broken attribute name is in new text added in ODF 1.3, as part of the resolution of OFFIC-3665. The new text was originally "table:cell-range address", i.e. with a space instead of a hyphen before address. Unfortunately, the attribute table:cell-range is very similar in function to table:cell-range-address (but on different elements), so the hyperlink to 19.596 was subsequently added on the assumption that the reference to table:cell-range was correct.

I have removed the wrong link in the proposal.

I also note in passing that the change to the attribute table:cell-range-address in 19.597.9 is not listed in Appendix G, which I think it should be.

What change do you mean? Attribute 'table:cell-range-address' has been already attribute of <table:source-cell-range> element in ODF 1.2. Only attribute 'table:name' is new for <table:source-cell-range> element and the change to <table:source-cell-range> is listed in Appendix G.

Kind regards

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