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Subject: Re: [office] Re: URL to the XSLT being used to transform ODT 1.3 to HTML specification

Good morning Svante,Â

Since Paul has done the heavy lifting when it comes to publishing the ODF specs, I will leave the questions about styles and such to him.Â

On the question of replacing files though - if I understandÂthe question - once we publish and announceÂa work such asÂhttp://docs.oasis-open.org/office/OpenDocument/v1.3/OpenDocument-v1.3-part1-introduction.htmlÂwe do not touch the directory again. Well - if ordered to by a higher authority of course, but our position is that once announced, we must be in a position to assure, for all time, that the contents did not change. The manifest file (http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/OpenDocument/v1.3/cs01/OpenDocument-v1.3-cs01-manifest.txt) even contains hash numbers so that people can prove to themselves that it is the same content.Â

So any changes after publication of a CS will require approving a new CS. For non-material changes, that can be done without a public review by following the procedure described atÂhttps://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tcadmin/approving-a-committee-specification-or-note-draft-with-non-material-changes

As to the flow chart, I have attached an old copy. We are in the process of changing it to be CSD -> CS -> OS. So, for example, csd01 - public review - csd02 - public review - cs01. Trying to make life easier for the editors.Â


On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 7:32 PM Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Paul,

Thanks, for the information that will help. I am going to compare the XSLT stylesheets.

If I am able to improve the XSLT and the resulting HTML outcome, would it be possible for the TC to exchange the existing none-normative HTML ODF 1.3 specification files from:

How is the situation if we want to add some characters styles to the normative ODF 1.3 ODT specification?ÂÂ
They existed in ODF 1.2 & were lost by regression.
They are used for automated extraction of ODF attribute default values from the ODF 1.3 ODT specification.

Finally, in case the TC desires to add none-normative RNG HTML files aside of the RNG (similar to RFC in HTML), for instance:
Would this be possible?

Does OASIS have a flow chart on evolving a specification to a standard?Â
These areÂlikely editorial issue and as far as I know, only requires 14 days of review, right?

Best regards,

Am Do., 28. Mai 2020 um 00:43ÂUhr schrieb Paul Knight <paul.knight@oasis-open.org>:
Hi Svante,

I used LibreOffice to export to html for the CS01 publication.

This is the version I used:
Version: (x64)
Build ID: a64200df03143b798afd1ec74a12ab50359878ed

Best regards,

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 5:07 PM Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Paul,

did you create the HTML ODF files as Francis assumed?
I am looking for the XSLT being used, to compare it with my old ones to fix some regressions.

Furthermore, the TC decided to enable a TC GitHub to have a better programmatic access to our files and enable automatedÂregression tests.
What would be the next steps?

Thanks in advance,

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Von: Francis Cave <francis@franciscave.com>
Date: Mi., 27. Mai 2020 um 22:57ÂUhr
Subject: RE: [office] Re: URL to the XSLT being used to transform ODT 1.3 to HTML specification
To: Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com>, Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>
Cc: <office@lists.oasis-open.org>

Hi Svante


Sorry you havenât had a response to your posting of 14 May. I presume that youâre referring to CS01. I had no hand in preparing this HTML, so my guess is certainly no better than yours, but looking at the source of the HTML (itâs XHTML) Iâd say that it was all definitely converted using the XSLT built into LibreOffice, since I see the following comment at the top of each Part:


<!--This file was converted to xhtml by LibreOffice - see https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/tree/filter/source/xslt for the code.-->


My guess is that Paul Knight at OASIS generated the XHTML in LibreOffice rather than by running the XSLT separately, but Patrick may know differently.


Kind regards,






From: office@lists.oasis-open.org <office@lists.oasis-open.org> On Behalf Of Svante Schubert
Sent: 27 May 2020 18:59
To: Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>; Francis Cave <francis@franciscave.com>
Cc: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office] Re: URL to the XSLT being used to transform ODT 1.3 to HTML specification


Dear TC members


after 13 days I suspect the XSLT was taken directly from the LibreOffice that was installed on the editor's machine.

Am I suspecting right?


I am asking as I would like to compare that XSLT version used to create the ODF 1.3 HTML with the versions I have in my personal archive and I had been used for ODF 1.2.

Otherwise, I will compare my version with the latestÂversion of LibreOffice.


The reason for the comparison are several regressions, that I have observed:

  1. Missing paragraph border
  2. Missing space in between heading text and heading number
  3. Untypical margin/padding of paragraphs
  4. Finally, I would like to write a script to remove the random ID of the content table (first below) and only use the methodical ID that is being inserted (second below,
    for instance, the following two URLs point to the same <table:table-cell> declaration:


Best regards,



Am Do., 14. Mai 2020 um 11:56ÂUhr schrieb Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com>:

Dear ODF editors,


Could you please point me to the location of the latest / currently used XSL transformation stylesheets of theÂODT 1.3 to HTML specification?


Thanks in advance,


OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society


Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
OASIS: Advancing open source & open standards for the information society

Mobile: +1 201-341-1393Â

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