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Subject: OASIS-4073 Page-content-bottom vertical relation

Hi all,

attached is my proposal for OASIS-4073.

But that part of the spec has additional problems which I would like to address in new issues:

The attributes <style:vertical-rel> and <style:vertical-pos> can not only be used in graphic-properties but also in <style:list-level-properties>. That has the effect, that in theory they can be uses not only in <text:list-level-style-image> element, but also in <test:list-level-style-bullet>, <text:list-level-style-number> and <text:outline-level-style>. It is useful for <text:list-level-style-image>, but not for the other kind of list labels.

The current spec only describes allowed combinations of vertical-rel and text:anchor-type, but does not consider the use for list labels.

The current spec always uses the term "frame", although if used as graphic-properties, these attributes can be applied to any kind of graphical object.

The attribute <style:vertical-rel> has the values "char", "text" and "line". But it is not clear, which area they describe. LibreOffice has an illustration, that suggests, that "line" is the character area without descenders and "text" including descenders, but the actual rendering uses always an area including descender. LibreOffice uses "text" only for graphic objects and "char" only for list labels. The rendering of them looks equal. [If you examine LibreOffice, you need to look at the terms in file format because the wording in the UI differs from the file format.]

The definition of "baseline" is not clear in regard to non-latin scripts. I have no idea for that.

Ideas for solutions:
Divide the description to handle list labels and graphic objects separately.
Use only one of "char", "text" and "line" and deprecate the others.
Deprecate the use for other list labels than images.
Explicitly restrict the use with list labels to relations "baseline" and the 'winner' of {"char", "text", "line"}.

If you have comments or ideas in regard to these points, please write to the list. That way we can focus on OFFICE-4073 in the next call.

Kind regards

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