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Subject: A small step on "Empty Cell"

Dear TC members,

Regina and I discussed a bit offline and we would like to suggest a small high-level semantic suggestion before we start working out the details.
She suggested and I am following this idea to accept that there are different semantics on "Empty Cell" within the specification, that we have to define each and explicitly name them:
  1. The case whenÂ@office:value-type="void" and ISBLANK is returning trueÂÂ
    From the perspective of formula calculation, a cell is empty, if there is no calculable content (according to the existing ODF formula set).
  2. From the XML perspective the cell is empty, if <table:table-cell> has no descendants. (This case is likely never used within the specification).
  3. From a userÂperspective, likely derived from the view on a table on a sheet of paper, the table is empty if there is no content.
    Which brings us to the follow-up question that Andreas recently raised: WhatÂis content?
Perhaps it helps to make smaller steps and agree with little by little instead of trying to eat an Elephant.

Best regards,

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