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Subject: New Deliverables of ODF 1.3 CS02

Dear TC members,

as we have a new chance to vote on our deliverable artefacts, let me bring some new representations on the table for ODF 1.3 CS02.
I would like to put on the agenda the following four deliverables:
  1. We should not only be able to extract our default values for ODF 1.3 but provide them as a stand-alone file: OpenDocument-v1.3-cs02-part3-attribute-defaults.xml
  2. Similar in offering the ODTs as HTML, we should offer ODF users better handling of RNG files via HTML -Â similar to RFC in HTML:
Best regards,

PS: Of course the default values have to be fixed by the editors beforehand to be extracted correctly. It is not an easyÂweek for the editors. ;-)

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