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Subject: Re: [office] Spacing between paragraphs in spec

Francis Cave schrieb am 02-Jul-20 um 22:16:
Hi Regina

I'm aware of this. Somehow the properties of paragraphs were inexplicably changed when the CSDs were produced.

I certainly see it as part of the task of producing a template for ODF 1.4 that we fix the properties of all the styles that we decide to keep. The insertion of blank paragraphs should, if possible, be avoided,

I do not mean to insert blank paragraphs. That is a typographical no-go. I mean to set the paragraph bottom (and top?) margins to other value than 0. The other typographical solution would be to use a first line indent. But such is harder to handle and only needed if we would use 'register true'.

 but I
seem to recall that Patrick and I had some trouble with change tracking in editing Part 4 that could only be resolved by some awkward manual manipulations.

Why only for ODF 1.4? As we will have a CS02 anyway, it can be changes for ODF 1.3 too.

Kind regards

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