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Subject: Improving usability for our TC deliverables - former: Re: New Deliverables of ODF 1.3 CS02

I have activated the GitHub pages feature you may now browse the new RNG HTML files at:
As I just stated there is some pull-request blocker so I am currently not able to continue refactoring, but in the future, we would rather put them on:
  1. https://oasis-tcs.github.io/odf-tc/OpenDocument-v1.3-cs02-schema-rng.htmlÂ
As the directories would be redundantÂinformation, boilerplate to type into the URL.

NOTE: The Apple copyright header within the file is from WebKit, which became Chromium, which became Chrome/Opera/Edge.
It belongs to the CSS of the source file being viewed, when using the context menuÂon HTML and choose "show page source", where I overtook the basic page design from.

Basic usability: You may jump to any line using the line number as the fragment identifier:
ÂIn addition, I have added _javascript_ to allow a selection of lines:
I am considering now extract the _javascript_,ÂmoveÂandÂreference the file on our ODF-TC repository to keep it maintainable if browser vendors change their behaviour.
The following usability enhancements are on my list and some could be added after CS02 if the script is being separated, as currently:
  1. The line-span only works once, when calling the page, but not when a user is editing the page URL (different event)
  2. If the line-span is called multiple times the previous yellow area has to be removed
  3. Pressing on the line number should update the URL to an URL using the fragment ID of that line
  4. Only the RNG defines have an ID anchor no attribute & elements are able to be jumped to, I would like to add IDs for all XML nodes and align them with those being used in the ODF 1.3 parts, which I might shorten a bit to make them easier to type, like currently:
    to a mnemonic ID closer to W3C XPath
    or jump to the first occurrence
    Note: Fragment IDs are in the authority of the file mime type, therefore these IDs seems possible after looking at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1738 andÂhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URI_fragmentÂÂÂ
    To reduce/stabilize file size, I am aiming to condense the currently put to three IDs within the HMTLÂto once.
Enjoy your weekend,

Am Do., 2. Juli 2020 um 17:53ÂUhr schrieb Svante Schubert <svante.schubert@gmail.com>:
Dear TC members,

as we have a new chance to vote on our deliverable artefacts, let me bring some new representations on the table for ODF 1.3 CS02.
I would like to put on the agenda the following four deliverables:
  1. We should not only be able to extract our default values for ODF 1.3 but provide them as a stand-alone file: OpenDocument-v1.3-cs02-part3-attribute-defaults.xml
  2. Similar in offering the ODTs as HTML, we should offer ODF users better handling of RNG files via HTML -Â similar to RFC in HTML:
Best regards,

PS: Of course the default values have to be fixed by the editors beforehand to be extracted correctly. It is not an easyÂweek for the editors. ;-)

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