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Subject: Coordinate system orientation for extrusion of custom shapes

Hi all,

the attributes 19.154 draw:extrusion-first-light-direction and 19.163 draw:extrusion-second-light-direction use a 3D vector. How are the axes of the underlying coordinate system orientated?

Because these extruded shapes use the enhanced-path, I expect that positive x-values go right and positive y-values go down.
But how is the z-axis orientated?

MS Office seems to use for the similar solids in binary MS Office file formats and rtf file format a z-axis, which points to the observer. That means, that the coordinate system is a left-hand system.

What is the orientation in ODF?

Does someone know an application other than LibreOffice/AOO, that supports extrusion of custom shapes in ODF?

To test the light direction extrude a circle and rotate the solid by 90Â around x-axis. That turns the extruded faces so, that you can see, where the light produces the maximal brightness. From that you can conclude, whether a positive z-value is interpreted as being on side of the observer or on opposite side of the solid.

Kind regards,

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