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Subject: RE: [office] Problems with attribute presentation:class

Hi all

Further to Regina's point (D), should the standard state that the value of presentation:class of a <draw:frame> must be consistent with the value of style:family of the <style:style> referred to by the value of draw:style-name or presentation:style-name? Presumably it also must be consistent with the child of <draw:frame>, such as <table:table> in Regina's point.

Kind regards,


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Sent: 15 January 2022 22:58
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Subject: [office] Problems with attribute presentation:class

Hi all,

I have voluteered to investigate about a default value for attribute presentation:class. I think, that the problems are deeper than a missing default value.

Section 19.393 presentation:class specifies "The presentation:class attribute classifies presentation shapes by their usage within a draw page."
The attribute 19.393 presentation:class is usable with elements <draw:frame> 10.4.2 and <draw:page-thumbnail> 10.3.14.

The definition of 'presentation shape' is in section 10.7 Presentation Shapes. And there you read, "The presentation:class 19.393 attribute distinguishes presentation shapes from drawing shapes."

So in regard to the problem "default value" I think it is clear, that the attribute presention:class may not have a default value, because a missing attribute makes the shape to a "drawing shape" and an existing attribute to a "presentation shape".

But I see other problems:

(A) We need to mention in 10.4.2, that a <draw:frame> element can be used as presentation shape. Same for the element 10.3.14 <draw:page-thumbnail>.

(B) The schema allows only one of draw:style-name or presentation:style-name, see "common-draw-style-name-attlist" line 1771. 
But the text does not mention it, neither in 19.426 presentation:style-name nor in 19.219 draw:style-name.

(C) Although only <draw:frame> and <draw:page-thumbnail> can have a presentation:class attribute and so only these two kinds can be a 'presentation shape', the attributes presentation:class-names and presentation:style-name are allowed for (?all) other graphic objects too.

(D) LibreOffice writes a <draw:frame> element with child <table:table> and presentation:class="table" with a draw:style-name attribute and not with a presentation:style-name attribute. Is that an error?

Kind regards,

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