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Subject: Extend ODF to allow rendering of extrusion-metal same as MS Office

Hi members,

draw:extrusion-metal (19.158) is an attribute of <draw:extended-geometry> (10.6.2) which is child element of <draw:custom-shape> (10.6.1).
ODF specifies for draw:extrusion-metal[1]:
The draw:extrusion-metal attribute specifies the shading of an extruded shape.
âfalse: the specular color for the shading of an extruded shape is white.
âtrue: the specular color for the shading of an extruded shape is gray (red green and blue values of 200) instead of white and 15% is added to the specularity.

But MS Office renders it so that the specular color uses the shape fill or extrusion color respectively. It is defined in VML as, "If set to True, this attribute causes the specularly reflected light to be the material color instead of the light source color, making the object seem more metallic." and in OOXML in its Preset Material Type 'legacy_metal', "Specular Color: shape fill color".

I'm going to extend LibreOffice so that it can be written to file, that the MS Office way of rendering has to be used. How should I do this to have a change to get it into ODF 1.4?

Can we please discuss it on Monday?

I'm thinking of a new attribute draw:extrusion-metal-colored, data type boolean, with meaning: false: the specular color is gray as specified in attribute draw:extrusion-metal true: the specular color is the fill color of the shape or the extrusion color if applicable. The attribute is only evaluated if the attribute draw:extrusion-metal has the value "true".
The default value for the attribute draw:extrusion-metal-colored is false.

[1] https://docs.oasis-open.org/office/OpenDocument/v1.3/os/part3-schema/OpenDocument-v1.3-os-part3-schema.html#attribute-draw_extrusion-metal

Kind regards,

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