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Subject: Review of ODF 1.4 Part 3 WD02

Dear ODF TC members


Following discussion on Monday’s call, Patrick and I have created thirteen batches of JIRA issues, the first five of which are being assigned herewith. Patrick has divided the issues into three groups – Extra-Large, Large and Small – according to the complexity/length of the changes involved.  I have made a largely-random selection of issues for each of the thirteen batches, with the hope that the amount of work required to review each batch is roughly similar. The first five batches have been assigned at random to Michael, Alfred, Andreas, Svante and Regina, as shown in the attached spreadsheet.


Please review the changes in the latest Working Drafts (WD02) of the Part 3 text and the schema. Further batches will be assigned on request when you have completed the review of the batch already assigned to you.


Please direct any queries to me or Patrick.


Kind regards,



Attachment: Assignment of ODF1.4 Part 3 changes for review by ODF TC members.ods
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet

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