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Subject: RE: Review of Alfred's first batch



Thanks for your review results. As a reward, I’ve assigned you another batch in the attached revised spreadsheet. This time I’ve marked Regina and Alfred’s first batches as having been reviewed.


Comments inside.


Kind regards,






From: Alfred Hellstern <Alfred.Hellstern@microsoft.com>
Sent: 30 April 2022 01:22
To: Francis Cave <francis@franciscave.com>
Subject: Review of Alfred's first batch



Here’s the result of my review:



There is no entry for this change (in 19.576) in appendix G

FC> Agreed.

Typo: “The rectangle specified be” should be “The rectangle specified by

FC> Yes, this is a typo in the unrevised (ODF 1.3) text. I also notice that the attribute and element names in the inserted new text are not style correctly.



This inserts a new attribute, and shifts 700+ following sections by 1 (this will have impact on for example, the Microsoft Implementer Notes)

FC> I’m afraid so, which is why in the last meeting I raised the question of where to insert new attributes.

Misspelling of “via”:

The attribute is not evaluated for a control that is not bound to a database field vi form:data-field 19.263, or that has the form:convert-empty-to-null 19.259 attribute evaluate to "false".

FC> Agreed.



I see the lone section number remaining. Aren’t we concerned this could lead to questions?

FC> If you hide tracked changes, the lone section number disappears, so it won’t be there when the tracked changes are accepted. It appears when showing tracked changes because the section numbers are auto-generated by the heading style.

Schema ok

In index this is still 19.597.6, presumably because the index hasn’t been refreshed.

FC> Yes.


In Appendix G:

There needs to be a line break before “Removed elements, attributes and values”

FC> Thanks. Patrick and I will sweep up formatting issues in Appendix G when we’re done with making all the revisions based upon issue resolutions. I’ve logged this under the GitHub editorial issue that relates to Appendix G.




Attachment: Assignment of ODF1.4 Part 3 changes for review by ODF TC members rev3.ods
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet

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