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Subject: RE: [office] Review of ODF 1.4 Part 3 WD02

Hi Michael

Thanks. I've assigned you a second batch in the attached revised spreadsheet.

I only have two remarks relating to your comments/queries:

Regarding use of the text style 'Teletype', I believe that this is a built-in style in LO and possibly in other ODF editor apps. I don't think it should be used anywhere in the specification. As a legacy of ODF 1.3, there are a couple of instances in Part 3 and three instances in Part 4, which I expect will all be fixed as part of an editorial sweep-up after all the issue-related changes have been made. All the replacement styles that you suggest look correct to me.

I'd suggest "It is implementation-dependent whether...", i.e. without the comma, for consistency with 13.5.3 and 19.265, and with "implementation-defined whether" in 19.716, 20.179, 20.180, 20.181, 20.182 and 20.233.

Kind regards,


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Subject: Re: [office] Review of ODF 1.4 Part 3 WD02

hi all,

i've reviewed first batch of issues:


- " See Â7.15.4 of [XSL]." - there is a spurious space at the start (pre-existing problem).

- when hiding the tracked changes, there is an empty bullet paragraph; this can be fixed by putting the cursor at the start of the inserted text an pressing backspace.

- "fo:line-height" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute"?

- "percent", "nonNegativeLength" have character style "Teletype" - should be "Datatype"?

- "fo:line-height" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute"?

- "inherit", "number", "space" have character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute Value"?

- "normal" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute Value"?

- "a value of type percent" - this is all character style "Teletype", but only the word "percent" should be character style "Datatype".

- "nonNegativeLength" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Datatype"?

- "It is implementation-dependent, whether" - the comma isn't needed?

- the paragraph ends with a line break - either superfluous or should be paragraph break?

- "fo:line-height 20.207" - this is inside that very section, does it need to reference itself?

- "Note:" - should have character style "Note Label"; also the paragraph should have style "Note"

- Appendix G has this line, but it's not clear what was changed for this issue?
   "<style:paragraph-properties> 17.6 Office3997"


looks okay, except that an entry in Appendix G is missing.


looks okay.


On 27.04.22 01:02, Francis Cave wrote:
> Dear ODF TC members
> Following discussion on Mondayâs call, Patrick and I have created 
> thirteen batches of JIRA issues, the first five of which are being 
> assigned herewith. Patrick has divided the issues into three groups â 
> Extra-Large, Large and Small â according to the complexity/length of the 
> changes involved.  I have made a largely-random selection of issues for 
> each of the thirteen batches, with the hope that the amount of work 
> required to review each batch is roughly similar. The first five batches 
> have been assigned at random to Michael, Alfred, Andreas, Svante and 
> Regina, as shown in the attached spreadsheet.
> Please review the changes in the latest Working Drafts (WD02) of the 
> Part 3 text 
> <https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/document.php?document_id=69855> 
> and the schema 
> <https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/office/document.php?document_id=69857>. 
> Further batches will be assigned on request when you have completed the 
> review of the batch already assigned to you.
> Please direct any queries to me or Patrick.
> Kind regards,
> Francis

Michael Stahl
Senior Software-Entwickler LibreOffice
allotropia software GmbH
Flachsland 10
22083 Hamburg
Registered office: Hamburg, Germany
Registration court Hamburg, HRB 165405
Managing director: Thorsten Behrens
VAT-ID: DE 335606919

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