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Subject: Re: [office] Review of ODF 1.4 Part 3 WD02

Hi Francis,

Francis Cave schrieb am 28.04.2022 um 20:25:
Hi Regina

Comments inside, but in the meantime I'm happy to assign to you the next batch (6)! See attached revised spreadsheet.

I have finished my second batch. Find my results below.

Kind regards,


Section 17.22
nothing to do, only generated text is affected.

Section 20.28 chart:interval-major
The text 'chart:major-origin' (2 times) needs "Attribute" formatting.

The formulas need a multiplication dot instead of the asterisk. In the formula editor of LibreOffice it is command 'cdot'. In all cases it needs to be verified, that the transformation to xhtml produces markup which let browsers produce the correct formula. To generate the correct formula it might be necessary to use grouping brackets {} in the formula editor of LibreOffice.

'Note' needs format style 'Note label'.

New issues:
The first occurrence of 'chart:major-origin' needs a link to its definition.
The variable names x and w need to be italic in the text. That is not the case in the proposal. Some brackets are not needed in the formula. We should consider to omit them.

Section 20.29 chart:interval-minor-divisor
Variable names a, b, m need to be italic in the text, several places, see proposal. Here too not an asterisk but a multiplication dot has to be used in the formulas. The part 'with' is outside the formula, so that you have to write two formulas instead one. Otherwise make sure, that the word 'with' is not italic. The ellipsis-sign 'â' is written as 'dotslow' in the formula editor of LibreOffice.

New issues:
The first occurrence of 'chart:minor-logarithmic' needs a link to its definition. That is missing in the proposal.

Section 20.37 chart:major-origin

Section 20.38 chart:minor-logarithmic
Format 'Attribute Value' is missing on word 'false'. Besides that, OK.

Appendix G

Comments with reference to OFFICE-4122 are missing.
The attribute 'chart:minor-logarithmic' is missing.

The current text in the wd02 is exactly same as has given in the issue resolution.
It needs no change in schema.
The entries in Appendix G are correct.

New issue:
20.147 draw:marker-end-center has the sentence 'It is the default value.' at item 'false'. Such sentence is missing in 20.150 draw:marker-start-center. Is that intended or should we add the default value for marker-start-center too?

The resolution field in the issue is empty.
The resolution at 14 March 2022 was, "Resolution - take current datatype of percent and say non-negative value in the text - by consent"

The text for "non-negative" is missing in the text.
An item in Appendix G is missing.

The schema misses a comment, that the change belongs to issue 4122.
The change itself is correct.

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