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Subject: Re: [office] Review of ODF 1.4 Part 3 WD02



Err, when I go to: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-2949

I get 10.3.12 <draw:measure> "has arrows at its endpoints"?

Can you try again?



On 5/15/22 17:23, Andreas J Guelzow wrote:



*A) Review of Schema Changes*

Schema change looks fine!   Note that the current (2022-5-9) schema is invalid because of an extra <rng:zeroOrMore> on line 13792 (probably related to OFFICE-4108)

*B) Review of Specification Changes*

a) The applied specification change to 19.617 matches the resolution, but:

The value "window-font-color" is described for the table:data-type value text-color only while the schema allows this value also for the table:data-type valuedata-style-color. Is that intended?

b) The applied specification change to 19.690 matches the resolution, but do we really want "on string or numeric, or color values" rather than "on string, numeric, or color values"?

c) The applied specification change to 19.713 matches the resolution,but the formatting of teh two inserted "or" does not look correct. They are not part of the values.

d) The table of content numbering is inconsistent with the numbering of the document, e.g. in the table of content the 19.617.2 <table:filter-condition> section has number 19.615.2. I assume that LO does not keep the table of content up to date, since there are also differences between the entry text and the headers of the corresponding section.

*C) Review of Appendix Entry*

Issue correctly mentioned in Appendix!



When I try accessing OFFICE-2949 I get punted to OFFICE-4127 as if OFFICE-2949 does not exist.



*A) Review of Schema Changes*


*B) Review of Specification Changes*

a) Specification is correctly updated


*C) Review of Appendix Entry*

Issue is not mentioned in the Appendix! I would think this is technically a change to an attribute.



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