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Subject: notes from May 16, 2022 - ODF TC teleconference


Notes from today's meeting follow below.

Thanks to everyone for the close review of the working draft!

Hope everyone is at the start of a great week!



*Patrick:*  Quorum - yes!

*Patrick:*  Agenda - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  minutes of May 9th, 2022 approved by consent

*Patrick:*  4 FYI on holidays

*Patrick:*  5. Review of proofing

*Patrick:*  Edits approved (in JIRA order).

remove meta:date-string element

10.3.12 <draw:measure> "has arrows at its endpoints"?

20.172 draw:wrap-influence-on-position - hint?

Public Comment: CS01 16.40.8<draw:marker> - "The attribute value true"

Remove deprecated table:cell-range-address attribute within the <chartlot-area> element

20.177 fo:break-after / 20.178 fo:break-before

ODF 1.1 Explanation of "$" Parameter Modifier in SVG Command Strings

"within the condition" makes no sense in (odf1.3) 19.639 table:expression

"system table" or system-table in attribute (19.85.4 db:table-definition) part 3)

Part 3, 11.4 chart:legend - entry, entry key, entry text

OpenFormula namespace inconsistency in Part 3

19.677.11 <table:operation> "implementation-defined"

19.265 form:default-button "implementation-defined"

19.419 presentation:show-logo "implementation-defined"

*Patrick:*  Approved edits accepted by the TC

*Regina Henschel:*  4026, 4027

*Patrick:*  Francis - need to review 3710, 4026, 4027 need a close look - missing graphic that is attached in 4026 - Regina - in table or below it

*Patrick:*  Allow table:table as child element for shapes

Correction: the schema change looks good, except that all changes in the schema appear to be indented with tabs, while all the pre-existing schema is indented with spaces.

Allow presentation to start with slide number 0

Correction: Schema: Change is totally missing

Add command arcangleto (G) to draw:enhanced-path

looks okay, except that an entry in Appendix G is missing.

*Patrick:*  rng:ref to common-ref-format-values fails in flatten schema script

Correction: Schema: tabs instead of spaces. Content is OK.

Allow attribute draw:name on 3D-shapes

Correction: Text is OK but the changes are not listed in Appendix G.

Normative constraint in non-normative Appendix

Correction: Appendix G: The link has description text "20.440". That text should not be there, but the link should be directly on the text "D1", "D11" and "D2", respectively. The link target itself is OK.

Allow zero as value of text:start-value in <text:outline-level-style> and <text:list-level-style-number> in 19.874

Correction: Resolution in issue: Field is empty. Here the field must be filled because the comments end with a question.

Francis: Office-4118: I think that the Resolution field should be completed only after the question about the default value has been resolved, although my view is that the default value should always be specified in the section that describes the attribute, not the parent element, so 19.876.4 and 19.876.7 are the correct sections in which to specify the default values, not in 16.34 (<text:list-level-style-number>) or 16.37 (<text:outline-level-style>).

inconsistent "character style" in 19.838 text:main-entry-style-name, 19.880 text:style-name

Correction: Appendix G: Item 19.882.12  <text:index-entry-link-end> is missing.

*Patrick:*  Regina - appendix headings are not contained at all - cannot address those headings -

*Patrick:*  Regina - something wrong with appendix headings - Michael suspects they aren't headings - Some other list style

*Patrick:*  Regina - need to discuss outside of the call, a tooling issue

*Patrick:*  https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-4118

*Patrick:*  default should stay at 1,

*Patrick:*  leave default under the attributes

*Patrick:*  edits, with exceptions, approved to this point

*Patrick:*  14.1 <office:annotation> currently not usable with <drawage>

Correction: Schema: Change is totally missing, should be inside <rng:element name="drawage">, line 5596

Inability to recognize errors

Correction: Appendix G: Entry is missing
Text: The change is missing. The new value should be listed in "Table 14 - Value attributes" in "19.390 office:value-type".
comment (containing the JIRA issue number) is missing in the schema change

Which coordinate system is used in draw:enhanced-geometry, when svg:viewBox is missing


There is no entry for this change (in 19.576) in appendix G

FC> Agreed.

Typo: The rectangle specified be should be The rectangle specified by

FC> Yes, this is a typo in the unrevised (ODF 1.3) text. I also notice that the attribute and element names in the inserted new text are not style correctly.

*Patrick:*  Use @text:relative-tab-stop-position as well for style:tabs-stops instead of using settings.xml flag

Correction: In 20.439 text:relative-tab-stop-position
The text contains line breaks instead of paragraph ends.

The value description misses bullets. To make it a bullet list, you first need to use paragraph ends instead of line breaks.

The texts 'fo:margin' and 'fo:margin-left' miss formatting with character style Attribute.

Second 'Note:' paragraph has style 'Default Text', should be 'Note'. Because of this wrong style the indent is wrong.

Appendix G is OK.

In Relax-NG Schema
The change is missing.

*Patrick:*  logarithmic scale misses information about basis

Correction: Section 17.22
nothing to do, only generated text is affected.

Section 20.28 chart:interval-major
The text 'chart:major-origin' (2 times) needs "Attribute" formatting.

The formulas need a multiplication dot instead of the asterisk. In the formula editor of LibreOffice it is command 'cdot'. In all cases it needs to be verified, that the transformation to xhtml produces markup which let browsers produce the correct formula. To generate the correct formula it might be necessary to use grouping brackets {} in the formula editor of LibreOffice.

'Note' needs format style 'Note label'.

New issues:
The first occurrence of 'chart:major-origin' needs a link to its definition.
The variable names x and w need to be italic in the text. That is not the case in the proposal.
Some brackets are not needed in the formula. We should consider to omit them.

Section 20.29 chart:interval-minor-divisor
Variable names a, b, m need to be italic in the text, several places, see proposal.
Here too not an asterisk but a multiplication dot has to be used in the formulas.
The part 'with' is outside the formula, so that you have to write two formulas instead one. Otherwise make sure, that the word 'with' is not italic. The ellipsis-sign '' is written as 'dotslow' in the formula editor of LibreOffice.

New issues:
The first occurrence of 'chart:minor-logarithmic' needs a link to its definition. That is missing in the proposal.

Section 20.37 chart:major-origin

Section 20.38 chart:minor-logarithmic
Format 'Attribute Value' is missing on word 'false'. Besides that, OK.

Appendix G

Comments with reference to OFFICE-4122 are missing.
The attribute 'chart:minor-logarithmic' is missing.

*Patrick:*  Regina - may need brackets {} to export to HTML correctly

*Patrick:*  export to HTML to see if it is viewed correctly by the browsers

*Patrick:*  test before next draft

*Patrick:*  Regina - write dots for multiplication cdot

*Patrick:*  Regina - formula names need to be in italic

*Michael Stahl:*  variable names need to be in italic

*Patrick:*  thanks!

*Patrick:*  can split formula and have with as normal text

*Svante:*  The export to HTML should be done by LibreOffice to enable the MathML transformation (AFAIR the problem was that it was expecting the ODT file as a single XML file). Configuration seehttps://github.com/oasis-tcs/odf-tc#libreoffice-xhtml-xslt-export-taking-from-our-github

*Patrick:*  Be more precise about differences to XSL_FO for attribute fo:line-height

- " See 7.15.4 of [XSL]." - there is a spurious space at the start (pre-existing problem).

- when hiding the tracked changes, there is an empty bullet paragraph; this can be fixed by putting the cursor at the start of the inserted text an pressing backspace.

- "fo:line-height" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute"?

- "percent", "nonNegativeLength" have character style "Teletype" - should be "Datatype"?

- "fo:line-height" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute"?

- "inherit", "number", "space" have character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute Value"?

- "normal" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Attribute Value"?

- "a value of type percent" - this is all character style "Teletype", but only the word "percent" should be character style "Datatype".

- "nonNegativeLength" has character style "Teletype" - should be "Datatype"?

- "It is implementation-dependent, whether" - the comma isn't needed?

Francis: I'd suggest "It is implementation-dependent whether...", i.e. without the comma, for consistency with 13.5.3 and 19.265, and with "implementation-defined whether" in 19.716, 20.179, 20.180, 20.181, 20.182 and 20.233.

- the paragraph ends with a line break - either superfluous or should be paragraph break?

- "fo:line-height 20.207" - this is inside that very section, does it need to reference itself?

- "Note:" - should have character style "Note Label"; also the paragraph should have style "Note"

- Appendix G has this line, but it's not clear what was changed for this issue?
  "<stylearagraph-properties> 17.6 Office3997"

*Patrick:*  Michael - Office-3997 not mentioned <stylearagraph-properties> - remove

*Patrick:*  Deprecation of presentation animation elements

Correction: Changes in text: The remark "(deprecated)" at the heading "10.8 Presentation Animations" is misleading because we still have <presentation:sound> in that section. But that will be the only sub-section after the others are removed. When they are actually removed, we should consider to make <presentation:sound> an independent section and indeed remove "10.8 Presention Animations".
The "(deprecated)" remark is missing on 10.8.3 <presentation:show-shape>. All other changes are OK.

Francis: Essentially I agree with you that the whole of 10.8 can be marked as deprecated, if <presentation:sound> is moved either to a new section or to 10.9. See my recent email responding to Regina's review. I don't think we can delete 10.8, because that would break existing implementations that use those elements. This is on the assumption that ODF 1.4 has to be backwards-compatible. Am I right about that?

*Patrick:*  Francis - move presentation-sound to 10.9 since that is the only reason for retaining it, deprecate all of 10.8 , document the move in appendix g

*Patrick:*  Francis - deprecate the section heading or each of the sub-elements - Francis - best to deprecate all of them, including the main heading - Regina agrees

*Patrick:*  adjourned

Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau

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