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Subject: Re: [office] ODF TC Agenda for June 13, 2022

Hi Patrick,

please have a look at OFFICE-4073. Problem is, that the description of the new option as _line_ is wrong, but it needs to be an _area_. It is my mistake because I had misunderstood the developer.

I have reopened the issue, but have no idea how to continue. My idea is, that it could be corrected before finalizing the first specification draft. That way a new issue for the same line of text would not be necessary. A second issue for the same line would look strange in appendix G.

And I have submitted two new issues, which we should have on the agenda: OFFICE-4128 and OFFICE-4129.

And in regard to box-plots (OFFICE-3664), the question why Excel has the unexpected distributions of the box-plots in case of several data series. Perhaps Alfred has an answer in the meantime, whether this is intended or a bug in Excel.

Kind regards,

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