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Subject: Re: [office] OFFICE-4107 - Draft Agenda for ODF TC Conference Call - 27 June 2022


Patrick Durusau schrieb am 26.06.2022 um 22:01:

Resume (from last week) on:

19.615.2 <table:filter-condition>: Extend table:data-type attributes to filter by color

The value "window-font-color" is described for the table:data-type value text-color only while the schema allows this value also for the table:data-type valuedata-style-color. Is that intended?

With the current schema I get these allowed combinations:
[I have used @ to distinguish a to be resolved reference from a literal value.]

(1)   table:data-type="text"  table:value=@string

(2)   table:data-type="text"  table:value=@double

(3)   table:data-type="number"  table:value=@string

(4)   table:data-type="number"  table:value=@double

(5)   table:date-type="text-color"  table:value=@color

(6)   table:date-type="text-color"  table:value="window-font-color"

(7)   table:data-type="data-style-color"  table:value=@color

(8)   table:data-type="data-style-color"  table:value="window-font-color"

(9)   table:data-type="background-color" table:value=@color

(10)  table:data-type="background-color" table:value="transparent"

Kind regards,

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