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Subject: Notes from July 25, 2022 ODF TC Teleconference


The notes from today's meeting are below.

Hope everyone is at the start of a great week!



*Patrick:*  quorum - yes!

*Patrick:*  agenda - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  minutes 18 July 2022 - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-4129

*Patrick:*  content area to the top of the page

*Patrick:*  Andreas - what is relative to?

*Patrick:*  Andreas - does against mean the same thing as relative?

*Patrick:*  Patrick - perhaps relative to

*Patrick:*  But I think Andreas has a good point here: The style:vertical-rel attribute specifies the area against which the vertical position of a frame is positioned.

*Patrick:*  should be relative to

*Patrick:*  Regina - take proposal as it is and make a new issue for against/relative to

*Michael Stahl:*  for understanding, there is a reference missing from style:vertical-rel to style:vertical-pos

*Patrick:*  Regina - would help to have illustration but that is a different issue

*Patrick:*  Patrick - new issue on against/relative to language

*Patrick:*  Alfred - does this mirror something Office has

*Patrick:*  Regina - this is available in LO and Word

*Patrick:*  Regina - can export Word setting to ODF

*Patrick:*  Office-4129 is approved as written by consent

*Patrick:*  Regina - has a paper on aligning in side frames, page, section - new issue - declare the terms - revise it illustration of these issues - informative section of standard

*Patrick:*  https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-4134

*Patrick:*  Andreas - data source no longer exists - remove the deprecated attribute?

*Patrick:*  Regina - need to remove chart:data-source-has-labels - from schema and text

*Patrick:*  Andreas: no longer need to specify row or column with labels

*Patrick:*  Open, resolve by deletion from schema and the text - by consent

*Patrick:*  Regina - how to remove something? What impact on numbering? - keep the number, insert text - Removed -

*Patrick:*  Andreas - good idea to keep the numbers

*Patrick:*  Andreas - keep the number and the title? behind it Removed/Deleted

*Patrick:*  AlfredImprovementOFFICE-4100MajorOpenpatrickstyle:rel-height is applies only within frames - need broader applicability.
==> not ready, more discussion and comparison with Word behavior needed

AlfredBugOFFICE-4021MinorOpenpatricktable:use-first-row-styles not available on <table:table-template>?
==> not ready, deprecation of table:first-row-end-column attribute might need to be revisited

AlfredImprovementOFFICE-3939MajorOpenregina.henscheldraw:textarea-...-align (20.166,20.167) needs improvement
==> not ready, desired behavior unclear, no proposal

AlfredBugOFFICE-3880MajorOpenaguelzowcell-content-is-between is underspecified
==> not ready, more discussion and evaluation of provided test cases required

AlfredBugOFFICE-3841MinorOpenregina.henschelThe color mode "Watermark" makes images pale, not transparent
==> not ready, terminology unclear, multiple different implementation in LO, Calligra, MS

AlfredBugOFFICE-4024MajorOpenpatrickConformance clause 2.2.1 D, D3 - w or w/o namespace the same?
==> ready, should just require a simple edit

AlfredBugOFFICE-3949MajorOpenaguelzowLINEST: default value for arrayX underspecified
==> not ready, need to reconcile multiple different implementations

*Patrick:*  https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OFFICE-4024

*Patrick:*  If a style:condition, table:condition, table:expression, table:formula or text:formula attribute value begins without a namespace, the attribute value portions that are expressions determined by a prefix shall conform as if there were a prefix bound to namespace "urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:of:1.2".

*Patrick:*  Alfred - whether or not it begins with a namespace then ...

*Patrick:*  Andreas - some other namespace, our namespace, no namespace

*Regina Henschel:*  If a style:condition, table:condition, table:expression, table:formula or text:formula attribute value has no namespace prefix, the attribute value portions that are expressions shall conform as if there were a prefix bound to namespace "urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:of:1.2".

*Patrick:*  Andreas - it is about what is required - not how to interpret

*Patrick:*  Michael - doesn't say anything about other namespaces

*Patrick:*  Andreas agrees

*Patrick:*  Andreas - first sentence is meaningless - (Patrick, true)

*Patrick:*  Regina - text:formula - only should begin with namespace - no default to openformula

*Patrick:*  Need to look for prefix missing - use openFormula -

*Patrick:*  Andreas - should say what namespace is being used for all formulas

*Patrick:*  Regina - text:formula it is missing - need to correct 19.811

*Patrick:*  Regina - correct 19.811

*Patrick:*  Regina - remove last sentence

*Patrick:*  Andreas - what about the first sentence

*Patrick:*  Andreas - same for 2.2.2 - use a namespace - conform to namespace?

*Patrick:*  Start the next meeting with OFFICE-4024 -

*Patrick:*  No meeting next week

*Patrick:*  Adjourned

Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau

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