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Subject: RE: [oic-comment] ODF-shots proposal

Hello Michiel,

Thanks for your detailed proposal, we discussed it on the OIC TC
conference call.

Now, while it is not within the scope of OIC - or OASIS, for that matter
- to actually provide this service (i.e. developing or hosting
applications, sending the results back to end-users etc), it sure is an
excellent idea IMHO.

So on a personal note, I would like to suggest that implementers,
vendors, communities or other parties that are interested in this
service contact Michiel directly to clear out the technical and legal

(Once again, this work will not be done within the OIC TC, and I'm only
speaking on behalf of myself of course, but I'm very fond of interop
initiatives :-)

Best regards,


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From: Michiel Leenaars [mailto:michiel@nlnet.nl] 
Sent: woensdag 3 december 2008 16:06
To: oic-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [oic-comment] ODF-shots proposal

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Dear Bart et al,

as promised the proposal concerning an online ODF implementation check
tool. We could have the API and a first version up and running in by the
second week of January, as it now stands. It is up to the individual
vendors and/or communities to then set up their part of the service.

Kind regards,
Michiel Leenaars
Director of Strategy
NLnet Foundation
Vice-chair OpenDoc Society


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