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Subject: Notes on Notes on Marston Presentation

Some wording details in Dennis Hamilton's notes that should be corrected:

"Example of different levels for MathML: formula presentation versus interpretation of the formula"

Actually, "level" is a different Dimension of Variability, which became clear later in the presentation. The two uses of MathML described above illustrate how one spec can specify behavior of two classes of product. And small vs. large display is more likely to represent two profiles rather than two classes of product. Rendering audibly vs. visibly could go either way: if you focus on read-only rendering, you are identifying two profiles that perform the same functionality (make a document comprehendable to humans); or you could call them different classes of product if the conformance expectations are considered very different.

Levels are supposed to be about functionality. For example, a Level N implementation would be required to have the features defined in all levels up to N-1, plus additional features that belong to Level N (and higher levels).
.................David Marston
IBM Research

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