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Subject: comments on Version 1.0



As part of the duties of serving on the TAB, 60 day public reviews are rotated amongst the TAB members, excluding TC-Admin who has to remain neutral.

These comments are provided by me as an individual TAB member and do not necessarily represent the views of all TAB members.




1.      Section 2.1 General. Rather than define new terms for conformance and targets etc, the TC might want to consider reusing the terms and definitions from the OASIS Conformance Guidelines (http://docs.oasis-open.org/templates/TCHandbook/ConformanceGuidelines.htm)  I didn’t observe any contradictions, however I did see some terms (such as classes) that are not defined in the Guidelines. Promoting a common vocabulary increases consistency across OASIS products.

2.      Section 2.1 para 3. Editorial. Change Sun Microsystems to Oracle.

3.      Section 2.3. I like this description of Conformance and Interop, and might wish to borrow it for another Guideline the TAB is working on!

4.      Section 4.2. Maybe I missed it somewhere else or maybe it was implicit, however I would have expected a statement in this section, probably at the end, that to improve interoperability appropriate defects may be fed back to the ODF TC for consideration in the next version of the specification.




Martin Chapman | Standards Professional
Mobile: +353 87 687 6654

ORACLE Ireland
"Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail"

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