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Subject: TC Meeting, 2008-10-22, Minutes

Dear OIC TC Members,

Below you'll find the meeting minutes of the OIC Inaugural TC meeting
(thanks Rob for recording them). Please let me know if you have any remarks.

Best regards,



Agenda: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oic/200810/msg00006.html

1) Called to order at 1405 UTC by Rob Weir

2) Roll call

In attendance at the meeting were:

* Robert Weir, IBM
* Ming Fei Jia, IBM
* Dennis E. Hamilton, Individual
* Bart Hanssens, Individual
Don Harbison, IBM
* Alex Wang, Sursen
* Andreas Guelzow, Individual
* Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
* Tom Rabon, Red Hat
* Daniel Rentz, Sun Microsystems
* Alan Clark, Novell
Andrew Rist, Oracle

The members with an * had joined the TC at least 7 days prior to this
first meeting and are therefore granted voting rights as of this meeting.

- Zaheda Bhorat from Google attended as an Observer

- Jeremy Allison from Google also joined, however a comparison with the
TC member list indicates that he must still complete the OASIS and TC
sign-up process before his membership can be recognized.

- Mary McRae, OASIS staff, also attended the meeting.

Rob noted that OASIS requires that the first meeting of a TC be attended
by at least 5 members from at least 2 OASIS member organizations and
that these requirements have clearly been met.

3) Nominations for TC Chair

The floor was opened to nominations for TC Chair.
Don Harbison nominated Bart Hanssens.

4) Election of Chair

Bart Hanssens was elected TC Chair unanimously.
Rob handed the remainder of the meeting over to Bart to chair.

5) Report on OASIS TC Process and IPR Rules

Mary Mcrae reviewed the OASIS rules that governed OASIS technical
committees, and the relevant IPR processes. Mary also offered to give an
introduction to Kavi for those who would be interested in knowing the
tools better. Bart and Dennis expressed interest in attending such a

6) Call for volunteers for the position of Editor

Since the TC has some formal written deliverables, Bart called for
volunteers for Editor.  Those with interest should respond to Bart
directly, or on the mailing list.

7) Future meetings

Several of the TC members will be in Beijing for the OpenOffice.org
conference.  Members may wish to meet informally there, and perhaps seek
out addition new members.

Rob will add a slot in the ODF Interop Workshop in Beijing for Bart to
speak about the goals of the OIC TC.

The TC discussed possible meeting times for ongoing meetings, and noted
the difficulty of scheduling a time that was convenient for everyone
from California, to New York, to Germany and to China. The compromise
was to hold meetings at 1430-1530 UTC.

The next TC meeting will be next week, Wednesday 29 October at 1430 UTC,
This corresponds to the following local times:

EDT: 10:30am
PDT: 7:30am
CET: 3:30pm
Beijing: 10:30pm

Following the OpenOffice.org conference the TC will meeting again on 19
November, and every 2 weeks following, at 1430 UTC. This will correspond
to the following local times (slightly different than above since the US
goes off of Daylight Savings time in the interval):

EST: 9:30am
PST: 6:30am
CET: 3:30pm
Beijing: 10:30pm

8) Additional topics

- Dennis Hamilton volunteered to serve as TC Secretary

- Rob offered the future use of the IBM teleconference line used on this

- Mary will create a Wiki site for the TC's use

9) Adjourned at 1456 UTC


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