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Subject: Re: [oic] Inviting eZ Publish, Plone (?), Alfresco, other CMSs

On 2008-11-19, at 10:59 , Hanssens Bart wrote:

> Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
>> I'd like to see about inviting CMSes that are using or considering to
>> use (and need pointed encouragement) ODF.
> Mm, I like the idea but I'm not 100% sure if that's something to be  
> done
> by the OIC...
> I don't know each and every CMS of course, but I assume most of them  
> use
> an ODF-capable suite, converter or library to provide ODF  
> functionality.
> So I don't see where exactly a CMS would have additional ODF interop
> issues...'

Do they? That's not my impression. As well, each arguably differs in  
its support of ODF. EZ is not the same as Alfresco, for instance, in  
this regard; and neither Drupal nor Plone, I believe native support  
it. If they use a converter or library that is fairly standard, then  
clearly, the situation differs, and we are talking about inviting the  
maintainers of those tools.

> The more the merrier of course, but IMHO, the OIC could focus on  
> suites,
> libraries and tools, while the Adoption TC could focus on CMS and  
> other
> software that's "merely" using other tools to provide ODF  
> functionality
> ?

I fully agree. My interest rather lies in those CMSes (and other apps)  
that have implemented their own technologies to express ODF. That  
could just be one or two.

> Best regards,
> Bart


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