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Subject: Apologies for the Issue-Tracker Spam: Examples for You

I conducted some experiments with the OIC TC JIRA Issues Tracker to understand some edge cases and demonstrate the use of the workflows and the beneficial use of sub-tasks.

This led to a blast of 13 OASIS Issues Tracker activity reports to the ODF TC List.  My experimentation is complete, and further reports from the Issue Tracker will be around actual management of issues and tasks, as we choose to rely on it.  (It is much easier to use than the action-item system, although it requires more structure and practice.)

I added 4 issues, OIC-1 through OIC-4.  All of the traffic was around adding comments and taking those issues through various stages of the workflow.


At the OIC JIRA Page, <http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OIC>,
you will see that there is currently one New issue and one Open issue.

If you click on the "No Component" selection, you'll see both of those:

OIC-2 is an experimental issue that is marked as Open (and will go overdue tomorrow).  You can explore that for the annotation of the experiment.  You can also link from it to its already-completed parent task and a resolved sibling task.

OIC-4 is a genuine issue posting: <http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OIC-4>.  It is about organizing our use of JIRA.  So, for our purposes, OIC-4 and beyond are actual issues being raised for consideration by and resolution by the OIC TC. 

Anyone can add new issues to the OIC JIRA.  It is not clear who can take them through all of the workflow stages, assign them to people, establish deadlines, etc.  I know that as officials of the TC, it appears that Bart and I can do all of that.  I also don't know who can set up the list of components and the list of effected versions and of fixed versions.  I suspect there is a separate administrative interface for that sort of thing.


The Issue Tracker issues notices the same way that the SVN commits are tracked.  

The notices are to oic@lists.oasis-open.org.

The notices are from OASIS Issues Tracker [workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org], 
in contrast with the SVN activity, which is simple from workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org.  
(In the case of SVN activity, "Version Control Commit" always appears in the subject.)

That should be enough to figure out filtering and filing rules in your e-mail.  This won't eliminate robot-message clutter when browsing the ODF TC List archive.  Viewing by thread instead of date does help you sort out the human messages from the robot ones.

 - Dennis

Dennis E. Hamilton
NuovoDoc: Design for Document System Interoperability 
mailto:Dennis.Hamilton@acm.org | gsm:+1-206.779.9430 
http://NuovoDoc.com http://ODMA.info/dev/ http://nfoWorks.org 

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