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Subject: OIC TC 2010-10-06 Meeting Minutes

Date:  Wednesday 6 October 2010
Time:  13:30 - 14:30 UT


The chat room: <http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/oic>
 (doesn't count for attendance)

The call-in numbers: <http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oic/200903/msg00017.html>
Meeting agendas also provide the pass codes and the call-in numbers:

The action items (log-in required):

7 of 9 Voting members attended, satisfying the 5 of 9 requirement for a quorum.


    * Bart Hanssens, Fedict (Chair)
    * Don Harbison, IBM
    * Robert Weir, IBM
    * Andreas Guelzow, Individual
    * Dennis Hamilton, Individual (Secretary)
    * Cherie Ekholm, Microsoft 
    * Bernd Eilers, Oracle Corporation 
    + Andrew Rist, Oracle
    = Svante Schubert, Oracle Corporation

      [* = Voting Member at start of meeting (7)
       + = becoming Voting Member at conclusion of meeting (1)
       = = Persistent Non-Voting Member (1)]


      Charles Schulz, Ars Aperta
      Alex Wang, Beijing Sursen International 
      Jeremy Allison, Google Inc.
    * Mingfei Jia, IBM
      Peter Junge, Individual
      Thorsten Zachmann, Individual
      Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
      Eric Patterson, Microsoft
      Alan Clark, Novell
    = Michael Brauer, Oracle Corporation
      Daniel Rentz, Oracle Corporation
    * Louis Suarez-Potts, Oracle Corporation
      Tom Rabon, Red Hat
      Jerry Smith, US Department of Defense

      [* = Voting Member at start and end of meeting (2)
       - = Voting Member becoming non-voting Member at end of meeting (0)
       = = Persistent Non-Voting Member (1)]


Minutes for the 2010-09-22 Meeting, approved without objection 
< http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oic/201009/msg00012.html>

1.3 ACCEPTANCE OF TODAY'S AGENDA: approved without objection
< http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oic/201010/msg00002.html>


  #0015 Template Scenarios.  No progress.
  #0026 Test Scenarios: Moving along.  Cherie is working out the delivery mechanism for the Plugfest.  The documents are ready to go.
  #0033 Best Practices for Document Authors.  Work in progress.  The availability of Committee Notes under the new TC process is the format we want.  We are waiting for the new templates, <http://docs.oasis-open.org/templates/>, perhaps some time in October after the new process goes into effect.
  #0034 Interop Demo Videos.  No report.
  #0038 Clean OTT specification template.  Not started yet.
  #0041 Battery of Conformance Assessment Probes.  Rob has done some work with test spreadsheets.

   There are no new advisories at this point.  Bart speculates that we will have ideas for new advisories needed after the Plugfest.  Don Harbison also took an action item to report anything of interest for advisories that was learned as part of the run-up to the OASIS ODF 1.2 InterOp Demo in Budapest.

4 ODF PLUGFEST (October, Brussels)

The Plugfest is now full, with 30 plugfesters and 45 guests for the presentations on Friday.
   Bart reviewed the different topics that will be explored on Thursday.
   Rob is considering a proposal on interoperability of ODF Presentation documents with regard to the interchange of presentation masters and their interpretation with different consumers.  Rob is thinking of conventions for updating masters, having text colors fit with background colors, etc.
   Bart has prepared some tests related to digital signatures.  
   Bart is interested in basic form-input fields.  He has nothing prepared yet but is considering the challenge.
   For the Plugfest, presentations need to be sent in before the event starts so they can all be loaded on the presentation computer.  Also, a short description of the ODF Products and Services of your organization is important for inclusion in an after-conference report.
   The wireless-access instructions for attendees may arrive in Dutch and might end up in spam filters.  Watch for them.


Conferences coming up that feature implementations: OpenSUSE conference, overall OASIS conference, possibly a December conference in Beijing.

Rob reported on the crunch to resolve issues in ODF 1.2 in the march toward a CD06 for the next Public Review.  It is important now not to introduce errors as part of attempting to resolve issues.

The State of Interoperability report has been turned in to the TC Administrator for initiation of the next Public Review.  Next will be announcement of the Public Review or feedback from the TC Administrator on required document adjustments.  After receiving no comments that require changes, we can make the Public Review draft into a Committee Specification.  The next State of Interoperability report should be undertaken as a Committee Note under the new procedures.

Svante asked about the Zip Study Group at JTC1 SC34 WG1.  Svante was wondering in which capacity he should participate, since he is also a member of the DIN National Body in Germany.  Rob clarified how liaisons will be set up.  The Study Group will have two teleconferences followed by a face-to-face meeting in Beijing in December.  The results from the study group should go to the March 2011 SC34 meeting.
   Alex Brown, the Study Group convenor, is expected at the Plugfest and there might be an opportunity to discuss that there.  Rob expressed his concern that there are more ways to make Zip worse than better at this point.


The next meeting is 2010-10-20, at the usual time.

   - - - - - - -

Respectfully submitted,

  Dennis E. Hamilton, OIC TC Secretary

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