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Subject: OIIC / ODF and OASIS CAM specification

I'm not sure what everyone is thinking here - but the new CAM work we have spent the last two months completing may well cover off most of what is needed here.
We've been working closely with the EDXL Emergency TC folks and schemas and also NIEM.gov schemas.  Also CIQ and EML schemas.
Of course we have not released that formally through OASIS News - we actually are hoping for next week to complete the tutorials and screencast details - and integrating the latest XSLT rules engine stuff into Eclipse - before doing full roll out.
Here's what the OASIS CAM specification combined with these "CAM-kit" XSLTs offers:
1) Take any OASIS standard schema in XSD.
2) Run XSLT utility - extract all the rules and structure layout details from XSD and package into CAM template format.  Also includes any annotation and documentation.
3) CAM template format allows easy access to rule based assertion logic - via Eclipse user interface.
4) Work with editor to select your own "wantlist" of actual details from the schema.  This is quick and easy to do with excludeTree(), excludeElement(), excludeAttribute() using XPath selectors across the whole structure.
5) Publish Wantlist (based on NIEM format for wantlists)
6) Publish tabular documentation of implementation selections, rules and annotations - easy for human business analysts to crosscheck and verify
7) Publish CAM template of rules for verifying the format and content.
8) Automatically generate rich XML examples using XSLT from CAM template.  100's of working examples - both valid and invalid can be generated with wide range of options - including smart content hinting and random content.
9) Test generated examples against CAM template to verify rules operation.
10) Generate new subset XSD using XSLT from CAM template.  Often the original OASIS XSD is too complex for use with WSDL and Java and .NET generator tooling.  This new subset XSLT mirrors the original - but contains ONLY the wantlist subset.  This simplified format conforms to NIST XSD rules - and is guaranteed to work with WSDL and code generator tooling.
Now you are all set to do interoperability testing for your exchanges - you have your:
1) Original XSD
2) Wantlist.xml
3) CAM template
4) Documentation
5) Test case examples for pass and fail testing
6) WSDL compatible subset schema.
This we can all do today.
For future we're looking to do enhanced semantics with the new SET TC - referencing registry et al and using context and supporting CCTS.
CAM spec' is already fully context enabled.
Thanks, DW
Chair CAM TC.

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