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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Welcome!

2008/6/4 David RR Webber (XML) <david@drrw.info>:
> Rob,
> I missed that subtle detail!
> I guess you could (heresy!) do a clunky relax-ng to xsd morph first -
> obviously sub-optimal.
> We do have it on the "to do" list to support relax-ng - once we get done
> with all the XSD dev we're currently doing.

rngconv does a fair job of the xsd-rng conversion.

David R: One should clarify though that what Rik has done is show a
PRE-VALIDATION technique of pre-processing the ODF content - ready for
unwards validation by further steps - by removing (stripping) non-ODF

Perhaps NVDL would help there, certainly xproc will be a useful tool.

Dave Pawson

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