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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] What are we validating and why?

2008/6/6 David RR Webber (XML) <david@drrw.info>:
> Bart,
> Actually rendering for our NIH needs is validated in the big picture at the
> style level.
> So you are not allowed to have text in font smaller than 10 pitch and line
> spacing less than 1.
> Also page count totals per section similarly.  So its not what it "looks"
> like - but specific aspects of how it is formatted.

Thanks, thats far clearer for me. And verifiable!
Do you see this as ODF testing or a user group testing for interop?
If two products produce a different page count would you say one
was 'wrong' or had failed the test?
 This is close to a page layout issue, not an ODF issue IMHO.
Perhaps within a tolerance? pagecount = X +-2%.

> Then within the content - specific section headings, sub-headings and so on.

Capable of producing such headings, or must contain same?
Former perhaps within ODF scope, latter a user group issue?

> This requires tools that can "reach inside" the document and verify specific
> aspects or content.
> Obviously this lends itself to neutral scripting techniques with functions
> designed to match the specified functional needs.
> CAM is doing this type of approach for business information transaction
> exchanges for machine-to-machine rather than human-to-machine or
> human-to-human content - such as grants submissions example at NIH.

Are there tests within that which could be classed as ODF general
rather than user group specific?


Dave Pawson

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