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Subject: ODF IIC Technical Committee Wiki (Google Apps at odfiic.org)

Evening all,

As promised I have just finished setting up a Google Apps environment so to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible and will devote as much time as I can afford to get it to a critical mass. As I'm a 3rd party vendor I'm not convinced conflict of interest is a problem and I can't think of a better tool for the purpose.

Use this form to request an account in the ODF IIC Technical Committee Google Apps installation at odfiic.org. I will be notified immediately and should have your account created within a few hours (less if I have volunteers helping out).

If you have any problems you can contact me by mail, phone or chat:

Sam Johnston <samj@samj.net>
Australian Online Solutions
http://www.aos.net.au/ (Live Chat)
+61 2 8898 9090

If you cannot view this form properly, you can fill it out here:

UNIX style username, firstname.lastname etc.

first name

last name

One time password for use for your first login - don't use a password you use elsewhere.

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