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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Classic test case

2008/6/16 Hurley, Garry (L&I - OIT) <ghurley@state.pa.us>:
> Dave, and all:
>  In this case, I would suggest that OpenOffice is incorrectly implemented.  Why?  Well, when I think of a "radial gradient", I think of a gradient spreading out from a central point to a set radius around that point.  I can, however, see how the OpenOffice implementation got that way.  In OpenOffice, they chose to start by coloring the border first, then moving towards the center.

Hopefully a standard takes a harder line than that Garry? SVG gets it
right, why can't we?

Once we've realised that there is a problem / variance, it can be
addressed (or go on the growing
list of issues to be addressed by the main TC).

IMHO the appropriate way forward is for the TC to define what is
wanted, document it
and uplift the spec to incorporate the change. Then it becomes testable.
(visually as a manual test in this case!)


Dave Pawson

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