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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] PROPOSAL -- Name change for proposed TC


Choosing a name that differs by only whitespace from a EU governments initiative (Open Document Exchange Formats) appears to be pure mischief, much as using an organization called the OpenDocument Foundation, which shares the same acronym as ODF, and then lobbying against the OpenDocument Format standard.

Just say no.

Further, in my opinion such a name violates OASIS TC Policy 2.2 1(a), which forbids names that are "misleading or inappropriate".  We should not be implying an affiliation that does not exist.   On similar grounds , calling the TC the "UN High Commission on Refugees ODF Interoperability TC" would be rejected.

In any case, the concept of an IIC TC is already well-established in OASIS.


marbux <marbux@gmail.com> wrote on 06/18/2008 10:18:24 PM:

> The name for the proposed TC is currently proposed as "ODF
> Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance Technical Committee"
> ("OIIC TC")
> That is a mouthful unlikely to be understood by those who do not
> understand the technology and know what the acronym "ODF" means.
> I propose instead that the TC be named the "OpenDocument Exchange
> Formats Technical Committee ("ODEF TC").

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