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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] MARBUX POINT OF ORDER, OBJECTION, ANDSUGGESTIONS No. 1

jose lorenzo wrote:
> It seems trivial and noncontroversial to participate in CDRF as far
> as allowing ODF to be embedded in CDRF multidocuments (exposing it's
> DOM and events, etc).
> What is interesting would be to build a family of CDRF profiles a la
> WICD that describe how ODF mixed with other XML standards; however, I
> suggest that at this point in time this be put on the plate for the
> TC as a low priority item (it may get done but more research is
> required). We should study this issue before creating profiles.

Aren't you looking at WICD too much? As far as I read the CDRF, it does 
not require any specification on how to mix with other standards. As I 
see it, CDRF is just a "best practice" guide to building profiles. A way 
to guarantee that when you have profile X, it fully encompasses it's 
subprofiles Y and Z. And, that an application with supports profile X 
also supports the subprofiles Y and Z.

The WICD reference in CDRF seems nothing more than a flashy W3C add 
saying "Look here for an example of what you can do with CDRF!". I don't 
seen any requirement to specify how ODF would interact with XHTML or 
WICD or any other W3C standard for example.

The only thing I see is requirements/recommendations on how to treat 
other standards. We'd have to deal with e.g. SVG and XForms. Not because 
CDRF says anything about it, but because those are referenced in the ODF 

Just my $0.02

Sander Marechal

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