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Subject: Joining the new TC -- Who is in, who is out?

To create a new TC at OASIS requires a proposed charter as well as a minimum of 5 OASIS members from at least 2 OASIS member organizations.

I believe that there are a sufficient number of OASIS members interested in the proposed TC to meet these requirements, and that these members could go forward at any time to formally propose the new TC, if they so desired.  This would not require your permission, nor mine.  My desire, however, is to see our valuable open discussion continue, to finish the draft of the charter in this fashion, and then try to persuade as many of you as possible to join OASIS and the new TC when it is formed.

It would be useful feedback to me, if you could each take a minute, reflect on the progress of the charter, the discussions we've had on interoperability, the scope, the deliverables, and the overall direction that this proposed TC would be taking.  Yes, I know the charter is not final, and the language is rough in some areas.  But there is enough there for you have a sense of what you like and don't like, and whether this is an effort you will likely join.

I'd appreciate it if each interested subscriber could send me a note, answering the following questions:

1) Are you currently an OASIS member?  

2) Based on the direction we are heading, are you likely to join OASIS (if not already a member) and the proposed TC, if created?

3) If not, is there anything specific that could be added, removed or changed in the proposed charter that would lead you to join OASIS and the proposed TC?

4) If undecided, would further discussion on the list, along the lines of what we have been doing, help you decide?  Or do you need some specific topics clarified that we have not covered, or not covered satisfactorily?

Thanks in advance,


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