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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Summary and Focus?

Shawn <sgrover@open2space.com> wrote on 06/19/2008 10:29:09 PM:

> I ask for some clarification on the focus of the TC.  I suspect this may
> have gotten lost in the clutter, as only Dave has responded directly.
> So I'll reiterate my concerns here.

Let me give this a try.  We covered most of this in the first days of the list, but maybe that was before you joined.
> Focus.  The discussions are meandering in many directions (not
> necessarily a bad thing).  But I think the driving focus for the TC
> needs to be determined to help guide those discussions.
> 1. Are we testing ODF and it's capabilities (with regards to
> conformance, implementation, and interoperability)?
> 2. Are we testing how applications interpret ODF?
> 3. Are we testing how to use ODF to interact with other formats (OOXML,
> CDR, etc.)
> 4. All the above?
> 5. Some of the above?

I don't think the TC will be testing anything, in terms of downloading vendor software, executing tests of it, score and officially reporting the results.  We're not proposing the creation of a testing lab or the creation of a certifying lab.  But we are creating assets that could be used by third party testing labs, or by implementors directly, to evaluate their conformance to the ODF standard, and to evaluate interoperability scenarios.

What I am hearing in terms of deliverables include the following:

1) Researching the state of ODF interoperability today and issuing a report, with recommendations.  Update this report periodically.
2) Researching the best practices in profiles, and issuing a "ODF Profiles Requirements" document
3) Creating an "ODF Conformance Test Requirements" document that details the exact items required to test conformance of an ODF document and of an ODF application to the ODF standard.
4) Creating an ODF Interoperability Test Requirements document that defines additional tests, including an Acid-like test and other interoperability tests.
5) Create the actual ODF instance documents needed to meet the requirements of the Interoperability Test Requirements above.
6) Write profile of ODF to improve interoperability in specific areas.  I've heard ODF for archiving and ODF for web mentioned.
7) Write guidelines for ODF implementors on various topics, i.e., how to use the internationalization features of ODF.
8) Write a report on best practices in creating interoperable documents with ODF.
9) Unspecified deliverables on improving interoperability with other markup languages, e.g., DITA, OOXML.

There may be some others (I need to go through the list traffic again), but does that list give you a better idea?

> If we can determine this "focus", the discussion will be much more
> concise and directed (I believe).
> I've expressed my own views in the linked message.  So I'll not
> reiterate them at the moment.
> This discussion of what I'm calling "focus" speaks directly to the scope
> of the TC.  Which is one of the things we need to determine anyways.

What I put above is more like what the charter would call deliverables.  We can craft a more elaborate scope statement which would be broad enough to allow the above deliverables (or whatever subset of them we agree to) while also being reasonably flexible without at the same time being overly broad.

> Thank you for any comments.
> Shawn
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