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oiic-formation-discuss message

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Subject: IRC Channel created and registered


> Also, the irc #iic or whatever channel may also be a good idea. I
> don't have much experience, but it seemed I was able to create the
> channel/chatroom just by typing in the name (freenode and using xchat
> I think).

OK, here's a way I can contribute something useful.  I have a bit more 
experience with IRC than you seem to, so I'll come out of lurk mode :-)

I've created and registered both #iic and #oiic for our use on 
freenode.net, given them a topic, etc.  I could add a bot to log the 
discussions there and make the logs web-accessible if that would be useful.

I'd suggest we use #oiic, since without the ODF implied by the leading 
'o', #iic could (theoretically!) be used to discuss implementation, 
interoperability and conformance of light bulbs, or milk jugs, etc... 
which is rather outside our intended scope :-)

If there's a good reason to use #iic rather than #oiic, that's fine, 
please enlighten me.

Jonathan Marsden (jmarsden on freenode)

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