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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Deliverable: odf-diff?

Hurley wrote:
>>> You're quite right that metadata changes should show as well. For
>>> the load&save example I gave, the only difference between the
>>> document should probably be "last edited" or "last saved" or
>>> "last edited with application X" fields. To give a better
>>> example:
>> So that would be the {infoset or something} is the same, except 
>> xpathA/text() is different xpathB/@Y is different. etc.
> I don't understand you here. Sorry. What I mean was, that an ODF-diff
>  tool should report that the "last modified by" field is different.
> It's up to the person running the tool to realize that this field is
> supposed to be different when you load and save a document.
> ******* Sander, the tool could be programmed to check for this
> difference and ignore it IF it was a part of the ODF how the 'last
> modified by' was reported.  In other words, <metadata
> name="lastModifiedBy" value="..." /> (assuming XML is the language
> used in the general specification) would be parsed and ignored. 
> *******

No, he tool should report this. It's a difference that matters to a 
user. But the person using the tool should be smart enough to ignore 
this reported difference if he was loading/saving a document and then 
diffing the results :-)

> Example 2: Both document A
> and B have it's second word bolded. The bold style is an 
> automatically generated style. In doc A the style name is "foo" and
> in doc B the style name is "bar". But both "foo" and "bar" describe
> the exact same thing (e.g. Default + some fo:font-weight). They are
> the same and ODF-diff should say nothing.

> *******
> I disagree with
> your conclusion here Sander.  First of all, if both are to be
> compliant to the same standard, that actually implies that the style
> name should be the same.
> *******

Not with automatic styles. The ODF spec says that an application can 
rename all the automatic styles in a document when it saves it. Named 
styles like "bold" or "strong" are probably normal (manual) styles, 
named that way by the user who created the document. That's my example 3.

Anyway, it's probably a moot point. I understand that the TC doesn't 
create software.

Sander Marechal

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