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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Profiles: suggested use-cases

2008/6/21 Sander Marechal <s.marechal@jejik.com>:
> In an attempt to write down what profiles should do through use-cases,
> while skipping the exact definition of profiles (
> here is an attempt to come up with some use-cases for ODF profiles.

> Use-case: Round-tripping, part 2
> --------------------------------
> Same as above, say there is some core profile "ODF/C" and an extended
> profile "ODF/E" which builds on ODF/C. Now say that application "AppC"
> only implements ODF/C and that application "AppE" implements ODF/E.
> When AppC is presented with a document in ODF/E it should be able to
> load it and let the user do everything that is supported by ODF/C. AppC
> should ignore all the parts of the document that are in ODF/E but not in
> ODF/C, but it should not forget them.

My initial reaction is negative Sander. This is too close to
a)Direct addition to the specification.
b)Very little different to how some may want to treat extensions.
You have gone beyond profiles into 'how to process' document variants.

Other definitions:

A profile which describes the use of ODF as an archive format for long
term storage
of documents.
A profile which describes the use of ODF in a minimalist environment
such as a PDA
A profile which subsets the spreadsheet functionality removing all
graphics (for ease of implementation)
A profile which constrains ODF not to have any graphical content, for
use with a tactile output device.

Dave Pawson

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