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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] OASIS Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC

"A test assertion is a statement of behavior, action or condition that
can be measured or tested. Each is an independent, testable statement
of a normative requirement in a specification to facilitate the
creation of a conformance test. Test assertions are derived from the
specification and can be mapped to it." -- from their guideline doc.

This looks like it's directly applicable to what this TC will be
doing.  Specifically, the "ODF Conformance Test Requirements" document
could be written, at least partly, as a set of test assertions.  Among
the things they say it's useful for is smoking out unclear and
underspecified things in the spec.

This is their wiki:

This is their guidelines doc:

In section 2.1 of their guidelines doc, there is a note about
mandatory/preferred/permitted prescription levels, and how they map to
the may/might/should/shall language that's been discussed on this list

Although their guidelines doc is still a draft, it looks like a very
useful tool.

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