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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Proposed Use case -- Interoperability in vertical and horizontal ODF markets

marbux <marbux@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am on occasion guilty of error. When error is called to my
> attention, I retract or amend my prior statement. 

Ok, good.

> > Your use case is being discussed,
> Neither its technical nor its legal merit has been discussed thus far
> by anyone but me.

This is incorrect. The legal merits have been discussed and noted as out-of-scope by correspondents, including myself and OASIS's own lawyer. You are free to disagree with that, but *they have been discussed*.

Your use case's technical merits have also been discussed, time and again. I have compared your claims to the technical provisions of CDRF on numerous occasions (6/20, for example, twice) which you have been unable to respond to, others have also examined them (e.g., Sander, Dave P). In particular, you have not responded to the basic issue of ODF-emitting agents creating content a-priori suitable for a sub-profile conforming application..

I look forward to your retractions in these matters.

> I note that you do not yourself respond to the technical or legal merits of
> my use case proposal

As noted above and in previous e-mail, I have, on multiple occasions, and you have chosen not to respond. I look forward to your retraction in this matter also.



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