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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Proposed Use case -- Interoperability in vertical and horizontal ODF markets

2008/6/28 marbux <marbux@gmail.com>:
> I just realized that your discussion of round-tripping as used in the
> da Vinci plug-ins also ignores and simply deflects from discussion of
> the absolute requirement of high-fidelity integration with existing
> silos of data stored in legacy formats as set forth in my use case's
> Market 5. And of course it ignores all user requirements for
> round-tripping documents with apps that do not support ODF, without
> data loss.

Round trip with an application that does not support ODF seems a dead end Paul.

> Many users need to hold two way conversations with apps that do not
> support ODF. E.g., in the law office market, many major law firms need
> to round-trip documents between WordPerfect and MS Word for
> conversations with clients and opposing counsel, in the negotiation of
> a document's language. Whether such feats are accomplished through a
> common intermediary language or by direct conversions of documents,
> the issue of feature mismatches in the respective metadata languages
> must be resolved to accomplish round-tripping.

As above. If the other app doesn't support ODF that's a no go area as I see it.
If you want to propose that, IMHO that's a feature request?

> There unquestionably is such a market requirement.


 This list is not the place to support it.

> Rob also attacks the very notion of enabling, through the ODF standard
> and the profile-related work on the OIIC TC, any non-lossy conversions
> between ODF and other formats.

ISO is starting to look at that. Not through OIIC though.


Dave Pawson

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