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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Proposed Use case -- Interoperability in vertical and horizontal ODF markets

On Saturday 28. June 2008 19:52:53 marbux wrote:
> > Round trip with an application that does not support ODF seems a dead end
> > Paul.
> Disagree. That's what the foreign elements and attributes parts of the
> ODF spec were designed for.

Thats not true, that usecase is only possible by accident. Instead that part 
was designed for allowing an implementation to have a feature that is not 
(yet) in ODF.
For example FooWord can have a new draw: feature where it shows on screen a 
logo but only saves one tag instead of saving the whole svg.  FooWord may 
choose to save that as </fooword:logo> instead of in the draw namespace.

The important distinction here is that other ODF implementations can read 99% 
of the doc.  So, marbux, your disagreement is based on a misunderstanding. 
ODF is not meant to be used for a document created by an application that 
does not support ODF.

Any support for that usecase is purely coincidental and not a supported 
usecase of ODF.  It certainly looks like its off topic for the proposed TC.

To OASIS; is there some code-of-conduct that people have to abide by on the 
OASIS mailinglists?  I see the mails from Paul have a returning theme, they 
put into bad light respected members of our community. The continued 
bad-wording of those respected people makes me weary of replying and of 
sharing my experiences here.

ps. for people that don't know me, I'm a core-developer of KWord, the word 
processor of KOffice. The often used quote to describe KOffice is that its 
the second main ODF implementation.
Thomas Zander

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