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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Can we turn on list moderation now?

That's a good idea, jose. Why don't you and Paul email each other?  If 
others wish to join in, you can set up your own conversation elsewhere. 
  You describe yourself as an ODF noob. If that is so, it may explain 
why you think what he has posted is of interest.

But most of us have heard all these arguments before again and again, 
and frankly I won't participate here until it's over. I expect I'm not 
the only one. I've read it all before, and that's not what this list is for.

So by all means, do set up your own list, and we can all visit you there 
if we find it useful. The internet is a big place, so there is lots of 
room for discussions of all kinds.

But not here.  This is supposed to be for a purpose that never gets 
started due to constant sidetracking.  So let's part friends and please 
let this group get down to the actual work at hand.

jose lorenzo wrote:
> --- On Sun, 6/29/08, Alexander Wright <alexander@silverfish-design.co.uk> wrote:
>> From: Alexander Wright <alexander@silverfish-design.co.uk>
>> Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Can we turn on list moderation now?
>> To: oiic-formation-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008, 5:12 AM
>> Hi,
>> I'm an interested lurker.
>> On Sunday 29 June 2008 08:55:02 Shawn wrote:
>>>   Anyone here to seriously work and/or contribute is
>> welcome.  Anyone
>>> here to cause disruptions is not.  
>> I hope observers are also welcome! i.e. I'd not like a
>> closed list.
>>> Moderation leaves open the perception 
>>> of being controlled by interested parties.
>> I'm not sure if this is possible, but maybe an offlist
>> archive of moderated 
>> messages would enable people to see, if they want to, what
>> is being moderated 
>> out, and so reduce accusations of any bias. (Not that I
>> think there is).
> I too am NOT in favor of banning anyone, certainly no one whose emails I have read to date.
> If enough people find many of marbux' comments distracting and find they can't contribute effectively, I think marbux (Paul) should realize that it will affect his ability to continue communicating with the list -- that is to be expected and applies to everyone. I think Rob has done a good job managing what can definitely be taken as attacks.
> However, Paul has contributed a lot of positive to this list in my opinion. I think the list would have suffered in a number of ways without his input. I have seen valuable things from him and from those replying to him. I hope he tones it down and manages to pass the moderators.
> In any case, I would like access to what Paul has to say. So far he hasn't taken aim at me (one of the many fringe benefits of being an ODF list noob!). If you are paying attention, Paul, you can optionally email me directly (yeah, that defeats the point...).
> I vote for whatever will allow the most number of people here to be as productive as possible. People should not feel discouraged from contributing or from keeping up.
> [Paul, your observations have been noted. Sometimes the horse really dies and needs no further kicking. I think IBM, Sun, and others know they have to tread carefully, in case they had other intentions. And I don't know if you are willing to seriously consider that a different proposal (closer to ODF) might more adequately fit in with the goals and abilities of OASIS. CDRF has pros but is no elixir. Not sure if you will keep your litigious bent in check. Also, I think Rob's collaborative approach, as long as authorities are watching carefully, should work out. As lock-in is discovered and not dealt with by the "guilty" party aggressively, the authorities will have something to say. Thanx Paul.]
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