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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

Dave Pawson wrote:

>> 2 pt equals 0.7 millimeters, that's a pretty objective measurement IMOHO...
>> Just set the display to 100% and grab your ruler. (or 200% and measure it to
>> be 1.4mm if you want it to be more accurate)
> I'm not familiar with the issues, but surely screen resolution comes into this?
> My 12 inch screen or your 36 inch screen?

Screen size doesn't really matter. Typography is quite an old art - even
before Gutenberg there were "standards" of how big the manuscript is,
how big the letters are, etc. (don't take me literally here)

The fact is - if we're talking about pixel perfection, there's huge body
of experience over there, as this has been hammered on for decades, and
surely there's a way to get pretty high level of pixel perfection if we
take typographic standards and stick to them. A cicero is a cicero, it
doesn't care what size your screen is.

But again, my opinion is that pixel perfection should be left to
developers and their battle for market share - data integrity, foreign
attributes and correct parsing is of much more importance at this point,
IMHO. Once the data integrity is locked and secured, pixel perfection
can be (and should be) pursued, after more fundamental issues are checked.

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